Mobile Ad Campaign

There is no doubt, mobile is the way of the moment and the future. In this week assignment, I will be creating a mobile advertising campaign for Quick Credit Services, a credit counseling and repair service business. The business is located in Arlington, TX a suburb of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

The ad campaign title ideas to capture user attention are include “Fix Bad Credit Score”, “Improve your credit score” and “Credit Repair Services”. The target audience are people with negative financial status or situation.

The marketing channels to be used along side this campaign are Mobile banner ad and landing pages, social media – facebook, twitter and youtube, website, text message and web landing page.


Reflection on the Process of Creating Content Marketing Campaign for PayPal

stock-vector-silhouette-of-the-head-brain-and-pulses-process-of-human-thinking-the-concept-of-intelligence-106115993Today marks the last day for my Content Strategy, Development and Marketing class facilitated by Professor Genon Muray. The styles and methodologies used to convey the core messages, concepts and principles were amazing and systematic. Each topic were built on one another such that they are prerequisite to move to the next stage.

I had faced a lot challenges in this course, it is only by the grace of God I will consider myself passing this course. The reason is mainly due to the systematic way the course is designed in a manner that you can not answer the next question until you are done and understood the previous ones. The challenge I had was that of bad Internet connection so I was behind the class and it was a difficult trying to catch up. Another challenge I had was a lack of idea for story for my video content deliverable. This caused me a great setback.

In all honesty, I will consider this course as one of my best here at Full Sail, its brings the reality  of developing an effective Internet Marketing campaign much closer than I would have thought. The course delve into many areas. We watch videos of a content marketing agency to add juice to the program, we were introduced to a very powerful book titled Optimize: How to attract and engage more customers by integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing by Lee Odden

In this course, I improved my content skills a great deal. First, I am able to differentiate between content types and know when they can be used or in combination with others. I also I am able to know how to plan, strategize and structure my content for maximum results. There are lot of other things I learnt about content marketing that gives me much confidence in my job. Knowing also of different roles in content marketing helps me to understand where I will naturally fit in which is Strategy and Optimization. I can easily create proposal for client by following basic outlines.

I created a video content deliverable about why I use PayPal as both a buyer and seller, I gave 5 reasons each. Truly there is no doubt, PayPal is good and committed to their business and remain the leader in the industry. No matter the noise created by other competitors coming behind PayPal remain the preferred choice for most people. PayPal continuously strive for new methods, ideas and tools that can improve the business and brand in the marketplace. PayPal currently provides marketing content on different social media channels including Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

For this course, the three main social media channels I have chosen are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Facebook is huge for marketing and social interactions among friends, while YouTube is the second most visited search engine after Google, so it is very likely people wanting to learn more about PayPal and her services or conducting research, or mere considering PayPal  can find easily find the video. Twitter on the other hand make video sharing swift. The video player will open right inside Twitter browser without to having to leave the website. I have chosen this three social media channels because of their high  population of users and more importantly because I find them to be very relevant.

Social Media Content Distribution Strategy for PayPal

youtube_facebook_twitterOver the weeks, in the course of my studies on Content Strategy, Development and Marketing, I use PayPal as the focus on my work and I also choose video as my preferred content type to help develop concepts and strategies for achieving the business objective of PayPal in acquiring new customers. This post therefore is centered around the social media network distribution channels.

I have selected the three major social media networks that can best get the message out with highest return on engagement and investment. The big three are Facebok, Twitter and YouTube.

Facebook is bar far the biggest of all social media networks with user base over a billion people from all around the world. Twitter on its unique nature is huge and growing very fast with a user base of almost 500 million and that of YouTube put at over 1 billion and 4 billion views per day.

You may want to ask me why I have chosen this three in preference for others. For Facebook, it’s because of huge user base and popularity within young people who form the major demographic and target audience for PayPal. Twitter on the other hand has a lot of great tools to help target our desired audience with highest degree of precision. YouTube on its own is the second largest search engine after Google, whenever people are confused or in doubt they turn to YouTube to search for videos they watch to get the concepts understood.

These three social media are tightly integrated such that a video hosted on YouTube, can be shared and viewed on both Twitter and Facebook without leaving their sites nor the browser. A YouTube posted on Facebook is automatically recognized as video and the users can start watching it on Facebook and Twitter right there and there, with an option to share or retweet this video.

I have created a video content deliverable designed to suit the business needs and goals of PayPal, it reflects the solutions and strategies as I’d earlier defined at the beginning of this course work and in consistent with PayPal brand story. I want to thank you all for your time reading my blog post, come back soon to watch the video and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Amazing Twitter Stats (Nov 2013, Craig Smith) Retrived from:

Video Content Marketing Strategy for PayPal Brand

Based on my personal interaction with a lot of people both online and in person, I can say without any reservation that content marketing is new to a lot of people, while to a few it is the life and blood of their business. However, irrespective of the side you belong, content marketing is an effective method for attracting and retaining customers. HubSpot, a marketing automation software company is a very good example of an organization that have come to lime light by using content marketing strategy 1,300 new customers within two years.

For this project, I would be developing a video content strategy for PayPal brand, a global financial service business performing payment processing, money transfer and other value added services for online buyers and sellers.  The business goal for this campaign is to attract more customers for PayPal using video content marketing strategy. These videos are to be distributed through our website, email and social media channels. I have chosen video content type because of the fact that video resonates better with the audience than any other content and “a study from the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media suggests that the use of video embedded in an email is a powerful tool, with 88 percent reporting that email with integrated video improves campaign performance, 76 percent acknowledging that it generates high click-through rates, and 72 percent believing that their prospective clients are more likely to buy after viewing video content sent via an email”  Mark Walker  (2013, April). How to Use Video Content to Drive Awareness, Leads, and Sales: A Guide Retrieved from

The core strategy herein is to create personas to represent each of the customers that PayPal would like to attract and create video content that it thinks would find valuable and further reenforce their brand. PayPal tops Google, Apple, Stripe, Square, Facebook, and Amazon as the most trusted brand when it comes to online payment. The brand story to communicate with videos will be all about building trust in the minds of its prospective and existing customers through the use of trust elements like customer testimonials, interviews, case studies, success stories and media mentions.

Please be aware that there are other content types that can serve a similar purpose. Common  forms and types of content  include blog posts, ebooks, white papers, photos, videos, case studies, podcasts, Facebook status, tweets on Tweeter  mobile apps and many others, in this campaign I will be focusing on video content type.

One thing that would come to mind is how long this would take before you start seeing results and how can one keep up with all the daunting tasks? Let me be honest with you is not as easy as one might think. The first steps will be identified to individuals within an organization that has interest and training in creating online marketing with a motive for marketing. All being said you will need to take inventory of your existing content, categorize according contents according to titles and customer segments,  have an editorial calendar, set your metrics and establish a timeline for publish.  A consistent efforts for 6 months is bound to produce desired result. More importantly make sure you have web analytic setup to give you in-depth information on how the target consumers interact with your content.

I do hope you will have this post informative and interesting. Endeavor to leave me my your feedback in form of comments or contributions. Thanks and best wishes.

Mockup Web Site Landing Page and Product Ad

This landing page mock up will be utilized to build an email list and to promote access to the Laptop for All website. We will be offering a 3 year warranty for every laptop purchased from us and we offer a MacBook Fire Sales. We have also provide customer testimonials and Better Business Bureau logo as trust elements. We have provided the footer navigation for terms of service, privacy policy and about us for methodical personas that may want to know about the company before making purchase decision

laptop for all mockup

Viral Marketing Video Assignment

Having regular sales is what is desired of every business but having repeat sales, referrals and a good brand should be the ultimate of every business. This video is created with purpose to heighten the good customer service and support at, an online retail laptop stores.

Our target audience are professional ladies whose laptop have become their companion, they use it both at home and at work. They can not imagine a down time. The proprietary software, data and information they used on a daily basis at office, clients locations and home for personal use are all stored on this laptop.

In this video, Laura suddenly discovered that her laptop is not working and was frustrated as if her whole life depended on it. Her friend came in and saw her in that perplexed state and she was asked where she bought is from . The friend made her to understand that the company has a local partnership with computer stores around the nation and a very good customer care program. They look up the phone number and the address of nearest store.

They were at a nearby store and to their surprise the laptop was restored, even with old parts replaced at no additional cost for her and the laptop now work again. In addition, the company offer a free 12 month online storage service to back up her data incase of any crash like that. She was so happy and very excited for what has done for her.

This video has told a good story of great customer service about the company and this would definitely create goodwill that will lead to more trust, business and sales for the company.

The call to action is for viewers to visit their website and share with their friends, followers and connections on social media networks. The landing page will be a support page with more testimonials of satisfied customers, an offer for a laptop on sales, subscribe to our email newsletter and an option for visitor to submit their own testimonials or story with laptop for all.

Pinterest.Com, My Bookmarking Site of Choice

pinterest-logoMy bookmarking site of choice is,  I choose Pinterest because its one of the fastest growing social networks online and very popular among website owners. It is common to find pinterest integrated with most websites thereby encouraging sharing of website contents.

I do have an account with pinterest but I don’t use it currently. Although clients who are using it heavily whom I have helped to setup boards and pins. A particular client of mine who is beauty salon business uses it to showcase their different hairstyles for customers and prospective clients to see.

Oh yes, Pinterest can be used to promote  a product or service. Being a major Internet destination where people spend their time, it is a good thing to maintain an active presence so that when prospective clients are looking for us then can find us.

The demographic that mostly view Pinterest.Com are women, adults under 50, whites, those with some college education. I am able to know this from Alexa.Com statistics ( and Internet Site

Facebook Graph API: What types of information can be accessed using the Facebook API, and how a business could make use of the Facebook API

Image-2“Social platforms would now focus on the Web, not social networks themselves.” That’s how Mark Zuckerberg described Facebook’s vision when he announced the Open Graph in April 2010. Speaking at the f8 Developer Conference, Zuckerberg described an enhanced Facebook API and supporting tools that would give marketers new ways to make sense of a user’s preferences, passions and connections, which he characterized at as the “objects” of their lives.

The Graph API is the primary way to get data in and out of Facebook’s social graph. It’s a low-level HTTP-based API that you can use to query data, post new stories, create check-ins or any of the other tasks that an app might need to do. Facebook’s Open Graph allows us to define new objects and actions in a user’s social graph, and the way that you create new instances of those actions and objects is via the Graph API. The Graph API is also the underlying mechanism that’s used by Facebook’s iOS, Android, PHP and JavaScript toolkits. The social graph itself is a graph in the computer science sense. It’s not a simple table of data. It’s a series of nodes which all connect to each other.

The types of information that can be accessed using the Facebook API are information about the customers. For example, when using Facebook API, customers can get their first and last name, user page, username, gender, and location.  If the user has other types of information that they want to provide the user with, then it is possible to include these types of information as well. In addition, customers can also retrieve their mission, their API, how many like they have, their ID, and what type of page this user has.Optimal-Image

Facebook’s Graph API gives marketers a powerful new tool to understand their fans and customers. Graph Search allows users to conduct complex queries about people, places, photos and interests. It begins to open up the wealth of data stored in Facebook and make it accessible to everyday users. Businesses can use this information to conduct market research about their existing fans and potential customers.

A business could make use of the Facebook API by getting certain kinds of data about their customers in a mobile application by making it easier for users to give them their information. Users usually don’t care at all to give their consumer data away for free, and companies aren’t generally willing to pay money to its consumers for their consumer data. One idea is that a mobile website can use some sort of gimmick to get users to allow Facebook to access their information, such as: See what your friends recommend, and since customers generally trust friend referrals, then users will click on the API and end up giving away their information. After this is done, the types of products that they are interested can be found out by the website, and this kind of information can be advertised to them in order for the website in question to profit. A website could use this information to find out about its general customer base. This would be an indicator as to what kinds of products and/or information that the company would be better to have on its website.

Some companies have already been mining Facebook’s Ads API for these types of insights. For instance, Optimal offers tools like “Keyword Expander” and “Audience Matrix” to let businesses dive into Facebook’s graph and gather information that can improve their marketing efforts on and off Facebook, but it charges for this service.

Modifying a JQuery Script

As part of my school assignment for Week 2 on Introduction to Scripting Language, I was required to modify an example JQuery script via

After I created a user account on, I am able to work on the original codes(in HTML, JavaScript and CSS ), change the twitter username to mine and the background color to my preference.

What does it do?
The script connects to a twitter user account via the Application Programming Interface (API) to display latest twitter posts associated with the username specified in the script.

Why is it useful?
It is a useful script because it can be used to develop a widget that would display latest tweets from a twitter account on a website thereby enhancing site interactivity and functionality .

Here is a link to the