How to Promote Good Governance Through Blogging.

stand against corruptionMost times I wonder how unfair this world systems could be. This evident in one of the popular quotes by  Bill Gates “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” What does this mean is that his friend was smarter than him while in school but now he is the boss. Not only that his friend finished college and has a degree but he dropped out.

I see the same trend with those in government. Many of them become elected leaders because they are unfit in order Similar things are applicable to those who are leaders. They become leaders because they see the world differently and choose to take a different route than most of us due to circumstances of life. Take for example someone that a second class college degree in engineering, low chance of securing employment would want to go back to school and do masters in management related courses and now get  a job with companies where they hire people with first class in his field to later become their managers.

The irony of it all is that those with third class degree holders due to lack of chance for securing good employment nor furthering their education because of their low GPA end up in politics, contest and win elections and become our leaders.This is what is happening in most parts of the world. And those that are unable to complete University education like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and all the likes now become the owners of businesses that now control the lives of everybody.

One thing I want us to understand is that a third class degree certificate does not mean a third class brain. What it tells us is that many of them are careless and don’t pay attention to their studies. Being brilliant with ability to study and pass an exam and having good characters that make you responsible and reliable are two different things.

Now because many of our Leaders come from the background of un seriousness, careless and irresponsible lifestyles as can be evident from their performance in school, many of them tend to be corrupt and become power drunk, hence manage the affairs of the state anyhow thereby putting the life and future of innocent citizens into jeopardy. They lavish state resources as if its their birthright and do whatever they like.

I come from a country where we are so blessed with many natural and human resources and yet majority of the population are very poor and live on less than a dollar per day. Many of the youths are unemployed, the roads are bad, no portable water, there is good medical facility and things are just getting worse.  All these vices and many more unlisted are products of bad governance. The challenge in this writeup is how do we reverse this abnormally without loss of lives associated with wars, this is where blogging come in.

Over the years the main tools the government were using to keep the people in perpetual bondage are propaganda and ignorance. I have witnessed several cases when a private news magazine media house was sealed up by Nigerian government because they publish a news they do not want the people to know. The journalists were beaten and detained in the prison for months without bail. I also remember a particular where a journalist was killed by a letter bomb because he was to publish a story about top government officials involving in illegal drug deals.

Blogging is now the savior of the people. Anybody can now write even a micro blog post of what the government is doing wrong, publish and share on social media website. Now power have changed hands, ordinary people that were that supposed to be just consumer of news and information are now the producer. With a free WordPress or Blogger platform anyone can start a blog and promote the awareness of the bad things the government are doing. Pictures of government officials hanging around with prostitutes have been posted on twitter and hence ruining the reputation of such politicians.

I will be using as an example of a successful blog that is dedicated to promoting good governance in Africa. In a public parlance in Nigeria, there is a popular saying that “the fear of SaharaReporters is the beginning of good governance in Nigeria”. The team at SaharaReporters were so fierce at exposing all the dirty deals happening among government officials in Nigeria. They publish hard to believe photos and videos of reckless lifestyles of politicians and that of their families for the world to see.

Through one of the investigative reports of SaharaReports a state governor was imprisoned and relieved of his position. They started with a visit to the governor’s house in London to discover he has a very expensive Bentley car parked in a garage, a report was written and published about his extravagant lifestyle which drew the attention of British Government that eventually led to his investigation, arrest and imprisonment in London. This is a report that ordinarily would have been killed by traditional media.

Blogging if done thoroughly is a non-violent way of keeping government officials on their toes and keeping them accountable and responsible. A recent kidnap of the mother of the minister of finance for Nigeria is a reflection of how bad the society is. The kidnappers are demanding $1 billion US Dollar before they release the old woman to the family.

Interviews with the Founder of SaharaReporters
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