Learning from Industry Leaders

Sarah ParmenterThe podcast I listened was an episode 77 posted on 11/07/2012 for The Big Web Show. In this episode, the host is Jeffrey Zeldman and the guest is Sarah Parmenter, she is a UK based Web Designer and Public Speaker. She specializes in User Interface design for the web and mobile devices.

The host asked her about her recent involvement with the government program pushing kids to learning programming codes. She identified the problem of getting out of school without the skills necessary

She acknowledged that one can learn on its own and become very good. He explained how the government selected some kids took them to Ireland to show them different mobile apps and eventually introduce them to tools and how to build them.

She narrated a particular project where she designed a mobile app that contain every magazine content. It was originally designed by IOS called Access Reader. In the course of time, Blackberry bought it and white labelled to their device.

She also set up a television show called “Objective Say”. She interested in inspiring young people to get into the industry. She mentioned how she had been in the TV industry earlier

In conclusion, the interview was quite inspiring. I now have rekindled interest on mobile phones and the needs to introduce kids to coding.



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