Viral Marketing Video Assignment

Having regular sales is what is desired of every business but having repeat sales, referrals and a good brand should be the ultimate of every business. This video is created with purpose to heighten the good customer service and support at, an online retail laptop stores.

Our target audience are professional ladies whose laptop have become their companion, they use it both at home and at work. They can not imagine a down time. The proprietary software, data and information they used on a daily basis at office, clients locations and home for personal use are all stored on this laptop.

In this video, Laura suddenly discovered that her laptop is not working and was frustrated as if her whole life depended on it. Her friend came in and saw her in that perplexed state and she was asked where she bought is from . The friend made her to understand that the company has a local partnership with computer stores around the nation and a very good customer care program. They look up the phone number and the address of nearest store.

They were at a nearby store and to their surprise the laptop was restored, even with old parts replaced at no additional cost for her and the laptop now work again. In addition, the company offer a free 12 month online storage service to back up her data incase of any crash like that. She was so happy and very excited for what has done for her.

This video has told a good story of great customer service about the company and this would definitely create goodwill that will lead to more trust, business and sales for the company.

The call to action is for viewers to visit their website and share with their friends, followers and connections on social media networks. The landing page will be a support page with more testimonials of satisfied customers, an offer for a laptop on sales, subscribe to our email newsletter and an option for visitor to submit their own testimonials or story with laptop for all.


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