Video Content Marketing Strategy for PayPal Brand

Based on my personal interaction with a lot of people both online and in person, I can say without any reservation that content marketing is new to a lot of people, while to a few it is the life and blood of their business. However, irrespective of the side you belong, content marketing is an effective method for attracting and retaining customers. HubSpot, a marketing automation software company is a very good example of an organization that have come to lime light by using content marketing strategy 1,300 new customers within two years.

For this project, I would be developing a video content strategy for PayPal brand, a global financial service business performing payment processing, money transfer and other value added services for online buyers and sellers.  The business goal for this campaign is to attract more customers for PayPal using video content marketing strategy. These videos are to be distributed through our website, email and social media channels. I have chosen video content type because of the fact that video resonates better with the audience than any other content and “a study from the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media suggests that the use of video embedded in an email is a powerful tool, with 88 percent reporting that email with integrated video improves campaign performance, 76 percent acknowledging that it generates high click-through rates, and 72 percent believing that their prospective clients are more likely to buy after viewing video content sent via an email”  Mark Walker  (2013, April). How to Use Video Content to Drive Awareness, Leads, and Sales: A Guide Retrieved from

The core strategy herein is to create personas to represent each of the customers that PayPal would like to attract and create video content that it thinks would find valuable and further reenforce their brand. PayPal tops Google, Apple, Stripe, Square, Facebook, and Amazon as the most trusted brand when it comes to online payment. The brand story to communicate with videos will be all about building trust in the minds of its prospective and existing customers through the use of trust elements like customer testimonials, interviews, case studies, success stories and media mentions.

Please be aware that there are other content types that can serve a similar purpose. Common  forms and types of content  include blog posts, ebooks, white papers, photos, videos, case studies, podcasts, Facebook status, tweets on Tweeter  mobile apps and many others, in this campaign I will be focusing on video content type.

One thing that would come to mind is how long this would take before you start seeing results and how can one keep up with all the daunting tasks? Let me be honest with you is not as easy as one might think. The first steps will be identified to individuals within an organization that has interest and training in creating online marketing with a motive for marketing. All being said you will need to take inventory of your existing content, categorize according contents according to titles and customer segments,  have an editorial calendar, set your metrics and establish a timeline for publish.  A consistent efforts for 6 months is bound to produce desired result. More importantly make sure you have web analytic setup to give you in-depth information on how the target consumers interact with your content.

I do hope you will have this post informative and interesting. Endeavor to leave me my your feedback in form of comments or contributions. Thanks and best wishes.


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