Social Media Content Distribution Strategy for PayPal

youtube_facebook_twitterOver the weeks, in the course of my studies on Content Strategy, Development and Marketing, I use PayPal as the focus on my work and I also choose video as my preferred content type to help develop concepts and strategies for achieving the business objective of PayPal in acquiring new customers. This post therefore is centered around the social media network distribution channels.

I have selected the three major social media networks that can best get the message out with highest return on engagement and investment. The big three are Facebok, Twitter and YouTube.

Facebook is bar far the biggest of all social media networks with user base over a billion people from all around the world. Twitter on its unique nature is huge and growing very fast with a user base of almost 500 million and that of YouTube put at over 1 billion and 4 billion views per day.

You may want to ask me why I have chosen this three in preference for others. For Facebook, it’s because of huge user base and popularity within young people who form the major demographic and target audience for PayPal. Twitter on the other hand has a lot of great tools to help target our desired audience with highest degree of precision. YouTube on its own is the second largest search engine after Google, whenever people are confused or in doubt they turn to YouTube to search for videos they watch to get the concepts understood.

These three social media are tightly integrated such that a video hosted on YouTube, can be shared and viewed on both Twitter and Facebook without leaving their sites nor the browser. A YouTube posted on Facebook is automatically recognized as video and the users can start watching it on Facebook and Twitter right there and there, with an option to share or retweet this video.

I have created a video content deliverable designed to suit the business needs and goals of PayPal, it reflects the solutions and strategies as I’d earlier defined at the beginning of this course work and in consistent with PayPal brand story. I want to thank you all for your time reading my blog post, come back soon to watch the video and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Amazing Twitter Stats (Nov 2013, Craig Smith) Retrived from:


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