Reflection on the Process of Creating Content Marketing Campaign for PayPal

stock-vector-silhouette-of-the-head-brain-and-pulses-process-of-human-thinking-the-concept-of-intelligence-106115993Today marks the last day for my Content Strategy, Development and Marketing class facilitated by Professor Genon Muray. The styles and methodologies used to convey the core messages, concepts and principles were amazing and systematic. Each topic were built on one another such that they are prerequisite to move to the next stage.

I had faced a lot challenges in this course, it is only by the grace of God I will consider myself passing this course. The reason is mainly due to the systematic way the course is designed in a manner that you can not answer the next question until you are done and understood the previous ones. The challenge I had was that of bad Internet connection so I was behind the class and it was a difficult trying to catch up. Another challenge I had was a lack of idea for story for my video content deliverable. This caused me a great setback.

In all honesty, I will consider this course as one of my best here at Full Sail, its brings the reality  of developing an effective Internet Marketing campaign much closer than I would have thought. The course delve into many areas. We watch videos of a content marketing agency to add juice to the program, we were introduced to a very powerful book titled Optimize: How to attract and engage more customers by integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing by Lee Odden

In this course, I improved my content skills a great deal. First, I am able to differentiate between content types and know when they can be used or in combination with others. I also I am able to know how to plan, strategize and structure my content for maximum results. There are lot of other things I learnt about content marketing that gives me much confidence in my job. Knowing also of different roles in content marketing helps me to understand where I will naturally fit in which is Strategy and Optimization. I can easily create proposal for client by following basic outlines.

I created a video content deliverable about why I use PayPal as both a buyer and seller, I gave 5 reasons each. Truly there is no doubt, PayPal is good and committed to their business and remain the leader in the industry. No matter the noise created by other competitors coming behind PayPal remain the preferred choice for most people. PayPal continuously strive for new methods, ideas and tools that can improve the business and brand in the marketplace. PayPal currently provides marketing content on different social media channels including Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

For this course, the three main social media channels I have chosen are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Facebook is huge for marketing and social interactions among friends, while YouTube is the second most visited search engine after Google, so it is very likely people wanting to learn more about PayPal and her services or conducting research, or mere considering PayPal  can find easily find the video. Twitter on the other hand make video sharing swift. The video player will open right inside Twitter browser without to having to leave the website. I have chosen this three social media channels because of their high  population of users and more importantly because I find them to be very relevant.


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